We Strongly Believe In Mentorship

Without mentorship you may not be sure the best way to approach your kid about scholarships.  Additionally, once your kid agrees that scholarships are worth finding, you may not know what to do to set your kid up for success.  That is why I am glad you are here.


Here is straight forward advice you can use immediately.  This advice comes from a mom, Kelly Fidel, who is tough on her boys with a huge amount of love.  Kelly is also a former Fortune 100 Senior Executive and founder of No Glass Ceiling and she knows how to get results.

Kelly Fidel & Crystal Olivarria
Kelly Fidel shares her parenting advice.

We believe it is not enough to teach you how to talk to your kid about scholarships.  We believe in helping your child achieve results in the shortest amount of time with a comprehensive Scholarships Made Easy Program.

Next Steps...

Give your kid a competitive advantage in finding and applying to scholarships by gifting your kid the Scholarships Made Easy Program.