About Us

Katrina Thompson
Crystal Olivarria

Our Approach

We believe in continuous learning, enjoying life and being happy.  We believe you can reach any goal you want as long as you work hard and have a good support group.  We believe your kid wants to do well but needs guidance.

Picture: Katrina Thompson On A University Tour of California State University Monterey

Our Story

Crystal Olivarria raised over $70,000 from grants and scholarships to help pay for her college and university education at two private
schools; The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San
Francisco and Holy Names University in Oakland, California.  The Scholarships Made Easy Program was created as a desire to create a legacy for Crystal to pass one her knowledge and wisdom.

Next Steps...

Give your kid a competitive advantage in finding and applying to scholarships by gifting your kid the Scholarships Made Easy Program.